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Our Belief

We believe in providing a cost effective, economic solutions towards  repairs of Electronic equipment, avoiding costly new replacements, and many times which may be obsolete or require costly time consuming imports. If you decide to go for an upgraded replacement, it may mean additional new peripherals also, thus escalating cost overrun and further delay. Thus in such a scenario repair would be a preferred option to minimize huge production losses!


Our Strategy

If an equipment fails, then most probably there are faulty components which can be replaced. Hence it is much more economical to replace the faulty components than to render the whole machine useless! The faulty components are detected on board without removing them, Using sophisticated equipment, without the need of schematics or drawings, avoiding any incidental damage! The equipment is tested and packed and dispatched as per customers instructions.

Our Strength

Employing a team of motivated engineers, and sophisticated test and analytical equipment and innovative means we isolate the faulty components and devices, making the unit functional again! We maintain a stock of critical components, besides having contacts with leading suppliers and stockists which reduces the waiting period for procurement of components, thereby ensuring speedy repairs.

Our vision

ICS  would like to establish itself as the leading repair service company, by  providing an economical, fast, reliable services to our esteemed clients. A company which first comes to mind when any equipment/Machine fails!

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