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Why to go for Repairs?

An equipment tends to fail during its normal operating cycle, when any one of its component or part breaks down due to fatigue, age or excessive stress. The question would be to replace with a new unit or have the unit serviced? In most cases it would be easier, faster, and cheaper if the defective component could be identified and replaced and the unit made functional again, rather than buying a new one!


This is where ICS comes in! Whether your equipment is aged or state of the art, or the equipment is one of a kind and irreplaceable. We are large enough to handle your electronic repair needs and  small enough to care about every customer !

Unfortunately, not all boards can always be repaired especially those containing microcontrollers (single chip computers with proprietary software built in) or specialised components that are no longer available.

Emergency Repairs

Many a times the equipment failure is critical and need immediate attention to avoid production commitments and schedules. ICS provides emergency repair services at nominal charges, at times expediting repairs within 24 Hrs. This is possible since we stock critical components and spares, which our engineer would carry along to service the equipment on site.

Field services

Many a times it may not be feasible to dispatch the faulty equipment due to lack of technical manpower, logistics or other constraints. ICS can depute engineers to your site to repair, test,  install or retrofit your equipment. Your feedback as to the type of equipment, the nature of failure, would give us the required information to carry the necessary tools and components to carry out the repairs. Nominal additional charges would apply.

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