Board Level Repair

Board Level Repair / Buy is your go-to specialist for diagnosing and repairing hardware malfunctions, We are your key back-end support for diagnosing and repairing any kind of problems, efficiently, and effectively.

However, Our technicians use top-of-the-line equipment and industry techniques to systematically examine every board, diagnosing and fixing any and all shorts and/or broken components that need to be replaced.

Moreover, We strive to repair every board in a professional manner, ensuring quality repairs and longevity of the device. All boards are run through comprehensive, post-fix diagnostics software to ensure a proper working board.

Therefore, Our PCB repair services are performed by our top-notch group of PCB artisans who have been performing PCB repair services for many years.

So, Their delicate hand can add new test pads that were forgotten in the board layout, repair mask that was damaged when the BGA was removed from the board or when a barrel was ripped out of a board while removing a component. The repairs are aesthetically pleasing and meet the form, fit and function of the original boards.

  • Ease of Repair and Diagnostic
  • Saving of Time
  • Immune to Movement
  • Low Electronic
  • Noise Low Cost
  • Reliability