Are units repaired without schematics or service manuals?

We undertake component level repair using industry standard testing equipment.  We use the test equipment to look for signs from familiar components to ascertain the component's condition.  Suspected components are replaced.  We continue testing the board until all components have been tested. With certain assemblies like motor VFDs and PLCs,  after we have replaced faulty components,  The unit is tested  again  and run through a series of power tests until we are satisfied that the device is in perfect working order.

Are prices quoted over the phone or e-mail ?

It has always been our policy not to quote over the phone.  This is because every repair is different even on similar units. Our repairs are at component level and we charge for the actual work performed, until we see an item there is no way that we can give an estimate.

What happens if no problem is found ?

After testing the unit and are unable to find problems with the unit, you will be assessed a verification charge.  This is because it takes longer to troubleshoot a functioning unit than it does to find problems with a unit that is malfunctioning.

What if you find nothing wrong with my item ?

There are unfortunately, some units which cannot be repaired especially those containing microcontrollers (single chip computers with proprietary software built in) or specialized components that are no longer available. Manufacturers often secure their software within microcontroller ICs to protect their intellectual property. In these cases we are helpless to provide service.

What happens if the repair does not work ?
(what is the warranty policy) ?

Your satisfaction is our commitment. If your item has been repaired and does not work when it is reinstalled, please make a call We will assist with many installation questions. If it is determined that the unit needs warranty repair services, send the unit back to us with the job number, a note with the nature of the problem, and contact information. We will get on it right away.