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GD35 has high closed-loop control performance,a simple servo function, control accuracy and other features.Suitable for industries such as machine tools, textile machinery, packaging machinery, paper making, tension control, and other industrial applications that require high performance closed loop vector control.


1.VF, Sensorless Vector Control and closed-loop vector control
2.Compatible with synchronous and asynchronous motors
3.Support incremental encoders, rotating transformer encoders for closed-loop vector control
4.External LED keypad to copy parameters; Optional LCD keypad provided
5.Standard C3 filters; Optional C2 filters
6.Support the spindle positioning, rigid tapping and simple servo functions
7.Optional PG card with the functions of pulse reference and frequency-division output
8.Standard Modbus, optional Profibus, CANopen and Ethernet

Textile, CNC lathe, Woodworking equipment, Paper machine,Printing and packaging, any situations of high performance vector control




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