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Delta AC Drives Products Range:

Delta MS300 Series AC Drive

(1 customer review)
Brand Delta
Model Name/Number MS300 Series
Output Power 0.4 kW to 22 kW
Input Voltage 415 VAC
Input Phase 3 - Phase
Warranty 1 Year
Input Frequency 50-60 Hz

Delta MS300 VFD: Delta MS300 Series is a standard compact vector control drive that inherits Delta’s superior drive technology. It supports both IM and PM motor control for application flexibility and provides STO safety mechanism.

Also built-in various essential functions, including PLC capacity for simple programming needs, a communication slot for various communication cards, and a USB port to make data uploads and downloads fast and easy. Saving space, reducing setup and wiring time, while providing high efficiency and stability system —all included in the MS300 series with drive size reduced up to 40%.
Applications:   Machine tools, textile machines, woodworking machines, packaging machines, electronics, fans, pumps, air compressors.
Specifications: Supports Open loop control of IM and PM motors.Output frequency:Standard models: 0 to 599 Hz,High speed models: 0 to 1500 Hz (V/f Control).Dual rating design:120% for 60 seconds for Normal Duty (ND),150% for 60 seconds for Heavy Duty (HD).Built-in PLC program with 2K steps capacity.Built-in brake choppers for the entire series.Removable 5-digit LED keypad for remote operation.Safety standard compliance: Safe Torque Off (SIL2/PLd).Multi-motor Control, built-in four IM motor control parameters.One high speed pulse input terminal MI7 built-in with maximum speed up to 33kHz.One high speed pulse output terminal DFM built-in with maximum speed up to 33kHz.New PCB coating for circuit (IEC 60721-3-3 class 3C2) and thermal design suitable for harsh environment applications.Built-in RS-485 (Modbus) and various communication card options : CANopen, PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet, MODBUS TCP, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT
Ratings: 0.5hp to 30hp.
Models and Ratings:Single Phase 230VAC IN, 3 Phase 230VAC Out:
VFD2A8MS21ANSAA : Delta MS300Series, 0.4kw/0.5hp,
VFD4A8MS21ANSAA : Delta MS300Series, 0.75kw/1hp,
VFD7A5MS21ANSAA : Delta MS300Series, 1.5kw/2hp,
VFD11AMS21ANSAA : Delta MS300Series 2.2KW/3HP,
3 Phase 415VAC:
VFD1AMS43ANSAA : Delta MS300 Series, 0.4kw/0.5hp,
VFD2A7MS43ANSAA : Delta MS300 Series, 0.75kw/1hp,
VFD4A2MS43ANSAA : Delta MS300 Series, 1.5kw/2hp,
VFD5A5MS43ANSAA : Delta MS300 Series, 2.2kw/3hp,
VFD9A0MS43ANSAA : Delta MS300 Series, 3.7kw/5hp,
VFD13AMS43ANSAA : Delta MS300 Series, 5.5kw/7.5hp,
VFD17AMS43ANSAA : Delta MS300 Series, 7.5kw/10hp,
VFD25AMS43ANSAA : Delta MS300 Series, 11kw/15hp,
VFD32AMS43ANSAA : Delta MS300Series, 15kw/20hp,
VFD38AMS43ANSAA : Delta MS300 Series, 18.5kw/25hp,
VFD45AMS43ANSAA : Delta MS300 Series, 22kw/30hp,

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Delta VFD E Series AC Drive

(1 customer review)
Model Name/NumberVFD-E Series
Motor Power0.4 kW to 22 kW
Input Voltage415 V
Input Phase3 - Phase
Input Frequency50-60 Hz
Warranty1 year

Delta E Series VFD: Delta VFD-E Series:Sensorless Vector AC Micro Drive. The VFD-E series represent Delta Electronics low horsepower, constant torque, IP20 rated Drive.

Modular in design with flexible extension cards and a built-in PLC function, the E drive offers the ability to write and to execute simple Ladder Logic programs. This state-of-the-art series meets a full range of application requirements.
Applications:   Smaller cranes; washing machines; treadmilsl; robot arm of injection machine (clamp); elevator; grinding machine; drilling machine; wood machine; webbing loom; air conditioner for large buildings; water supply system for large buildings, etc.
Specifications:  Output frequency: 0.1~600Hz. Modular & compact design. Built-in PLC function. Built-in EMI filter (230V 1 phase / 460V 3 phase). RFI-switch for mains. Easy DC BUS sharing. Flexible extension. Complete Protection.
Ratings: 0.25hp to 3hp - Single Phase, 0.5hp to 30hp -3 Phase
Models and Ratings:Single Phase 230VAC IN, 3 Phase 230VAC Out:
VFD004E21A : Delta E Series, 0.4kw/0.5hp,
VFD007E21A : Delta E Series, 0.75kw/1hp,
VFD015E21A : Delta E Series, 1.5kw/2hp,
VFD022E21A : Delta E Series, 2.2kw/3hp, 
3 Phase 415VAC:
VFD007E43B : Delta E Series, 0.75kw/1hp,
VFD015E43B : Delta E Series, 1.5kw/2hp,
VFD022E43B : Delta E Series, 2.2kw/3hp,
VFD037E43A : Delta E Series, 3.7kw/5hp,
VFD055E43A : Delta E Series, 5.5kw/7.5hp,
VFD075E43A : Delta E Series, 7.5kw/10hp,
VFD110E43A : Delta E Series, 11kw/15hp,
VFD150E43A : Delta E Series, 15kw/20hp,
VFD185E43A : Delta E Series, 18kw/25hp, 
VFD220E43A : Delta E Series, 22kw/30hp,
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Delta VFD EL Series AC Drive

(1 customer review)
Model Name/NumberVFD-EL Series
Motor Power0.2 kW to 3.7 kW
Input Voltage230 V
Input Phase3 - Phase
Input Frequency50-60 Hz
Warranty1 Year

Delta EL Series VFD: Delta VFD-EL Series:The VFD-EL series is multiple function new generation micro type AC drive.

It has built in EMI filter, RFI switch, easy DC bus sharing for side-by-side installation, high precision current detection, overload protection, and a built In keypad.
Applications:   Small size pump & fan, blowing machine, conveyer belt, simple DIY processing equipment.
Specifications: Output frequency: 0.1~600Hz.3 points adjustable V/f curve.Built-in PID feedback control.RFI-switch for IT mains.Built-in EMI filter (for models 230V 1-phase and 460V 3-phase).Use RS-485 communication interface (RJ-45) with Modbus protocol.Optional communication modules for multiple communication protocols, such as Profibus, DeviceNet, LonWorks and CANopen.Complete protection function.
Ratings: 0.25hp to 3hp - Single Phase, 0.5hp to 5hp -3 Phase
Models and Ratings:Single Phase 230VAC IN, 3 Phase 230VAC Out:
VFD002EL21A : Delta EL Series, 0.2kw/0.25hp,
VFD004EL21A : Delta EL Series, 0.4kw/0.5hp,
VFD007EL21A : Delta EL Series, 0.75kw/1hp,
VFD015EL21A : Delta EL Series, 1.5kw/2hp,
VFD022EL21A : Delta EL Series, 2.2kw/3hp, 
3 Phase 415VAC:
VFD004EL43A : Delta EL Series, 0.4kw/0.5hp,
VFD007EL43A : Delta EL Series, 0.75kw/1hp,
VFD015EL43A : Delta EL Series, 1.5kw/2hp,
VFD022EL43A : Delta EL Series, 2.2kw/3hp,
VFD037EL43A : Delta EL Series, 3.7kw/5hp,
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Delta ME300 AC Drive

(1 customer review)
Model Name/NumberME300 Series
Motor Power0.18 kW to 7.5 kW
Input Voltage230 V
Input Phase3 - Phase
Input Frequency50-60 Hz
Warranty1 year

Delta ME300 VFD: Delta‘s ME300 Series is a new generation compact vector control drive that inherits Delta’s superior drive technology, but with a 60% reduction in size. It supports both IM and PM motors, providing higher efficiency and flexibility.

Various built-in essential functions are standard to reduce the need for additional expenses and to shorten installation time. The STO function is an option that prevents damage. With its user-friendly operation, ultra-compact size, quick installation, and flexible, durable design, the ME300 is your key to increased market competitiveness and greater success.
Applications: Fans & pumps, conveyors, blowing machines, packing machines, wood working machines.
Specifications: Supports IM / IPM /SPM motors and VF / SVC control,Dual rating design:-Normal Duty (ND), 120% for 60 seconds or 150% for 3 seconds.-Heavy Duty (HD), 150% for 60 seconds or 200% for 3 seconds.Up to 200% rated starting torque at 0.5 Hz,2 set of motor parameter for multi-motor control,Supports high speed pulse and PWM signal input,Built-in single /multi-pump function,Built-in braking choppers for the entire series,100% PCB coating for circuit(IEC 60721-3-3 class 3C3) for harsh environment.
Ratings: 0.5hp to 10hp.
Models and Ratings:Single Phase 230VAC IN, 3 Phase 230VAC Out:
VFD1A6ME21ANNAA : Delta  ME300 Series, 0.18kw/0.25hp,
VFD2A8ME21ANNAA : Delta  ME300 Series, 0.4kw/0.5hp,
VFD4A8ME21ANNAA : Delta  ME300 Series, 0.75kw/1hp,
VFD7A5ME21ANNAA : Delta  ME300 Series, 1.5kw/2hp,
VFD11AME21ANNAA : Delta  ME300 Series 2.2KW/3HP,
3 Phase 415VAC:
VFD1A5ME43ANNAA : Delta ME300 Series VFD, 0.37kw/0.5hp,
VFD2A7ME43ANNAA : Delta ME300 Series VFD, 0.75kw/1hp,
VFD4A2ME43ANNAA : Delta ME300 Series VFD, 1.5kw/2hp,
VFD5A5ME43ANNAA : Delta ME300 Series VFD, 2.2kw/3hp,
VFD9A0ME43ANNAA : Delta ME300 Series VFD, 3.7kw/5hp,
VFD13AME43ANNAA : Delta ME300 Series VFD, 5.5kw/7.5hp,
VFD17AME43ANNAA : Delta ME300 Series VFD, 7.5kw/10hp,
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Delta C2000 Series VFD

(1 customer review)
Brand Delta
Model Name/Number C2000 Series
Motor Power 1 HP to 600 HP
Input Voltage 415 V
Input Phase 3 - Phase
Input Frequency 50-60 Hz
Warranty 1 year

Delta C2000 Series VFD: Delta VFD-C2000 Series:The VFD-C2000 series is a high-level field oriented control AC motor drive with a high-performance variable-frequency technology, FOC control.

It features versatile driving controls, modular design, wide variety of applications, easy maintenance, low malfunction rate, self diagnosis and competitive market price and brings customers not only the high-efficiency construction but also the most economic solution to compete with the global market.
Applications:   All Critical Applications.
Specifications:  Speed/torque/position control mode, dual rating design (Normal duty/heavy duty).Outstanding 4-quadrant torque control/limit.2 in 1 (induction motor and synchronous motor).Built-in Delta PLC function, safe stop function and brake unit.Synchronous position control.Complies with global safety standards, including CE, UL and cUL.Modular design for easy maintenance and many extensions.High-speed communication interface with built-in CANopen and MODBUS communication (optional cards for PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet, MODBUS TCP and EtherNet/IP)
Ratings: 1hp to 600hp -3 Phase
Models and Ratings:3 Phase 415VAC:
VFD007C43A : Delta C2000 Series, 0.75Kw/1Hp,
VFD015C43A : Delta C2000 Series, 1.5Kw/2Hp,
VFD022C43A : Delta C2000 Series, 2.2Kw/3Hp,
VFD037C43A : Delta C2000 Series, 3.7Kw/5Hp,
VFD040C43A : Delta C2000 Series, 4Kw/5.5Hp,
VFD055C43A : Delta C2000 Series, 5.5Kw/7.5Hp,
VFD075C43A : Delta C2000 Series, 7.5Kw/10Hp,
VFD110C43A : Delta C2000 Series, 11Kw/15Hp,
VFD150C43A : Delta C2000 Series, 15Kw/20Hp,
VFD185C43A : Delta C2000 Series, 18.5Kw/25Hp,
VFD220C43A : Delta C2000 Series, 22Kw/30Hp,
VFD300C43A : Delta C2000 Series, 30Kw/40Hp,
VFD370C43A : Delta C2000 Series, 37Kw/50Hp,
VFD450C43A : Delta C2000 Series, 45Kw/60Hp,
VFD550C43A : Delta C2000 Series, 55Kw/75Hp,
VFD750C43A : Delta C2000 Series, 75Kw/100Hp,
VFD900C43A : Delta C2000 Series, 90Kw/120Hp,
VFD1100C43A : Delta C2000 Series, 110Kw/150Hp,
VFD1320C43A : Delta C2000 Series, 132Kw/175Hp,
VFD1600C43A : Delta C2000 Series, 160Kw/215Hp,
VFD1850C43A : Delta C2000 Series, 185Kw/250Hp,
VFD2200C43A : Delta C2000 Series, 220Kw/300Hp,
VFD2800C43A : Delta C2000 Series, 280Kw/375Hp,
VFD3150C43A : Delta C2000 Series, 315Kw/425Hp,
VFD3550C43A : Delta C2000 Series, 355Kw/475Hp,
VFD4500C43A : Delta C2000 Series, 450Kw/600Hp,
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