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Allen Bradley Servo Motor

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BrandAllen Bradley
Usage/Applicationapplications requiring precise position control
Type of MotorAC
Motor TypeAC

We are System Integrators and exporters of Allen Bradley servo motor. Allen Bradley LDC-Series and LDL-Series Linear Servo Motors provide precise linear positioning at very high speeds. Direct Drive linear motors are connected directly to the payload that needs to be moved. This direct connection provides excellent servo responsiveness, resulting in faster settling time for any move. The LDL-Series has an ironless design for applications that require extremely smooth motion such as scanning or printing.

The LDC-Series has an iron core design with high force density, which is used with smaller, less expensive motors. Allen bradley Rotary Servo Motors meet the demanding requirements of high-performance motion systems.


The VP Low-inertia motors connect to the Kinetix 5500 servo drive and require only a single cable for providing feedback, motor brake, and motor power. The MP-Series includes low-inertia, medium-inertia, food-grade and stainless steel motors. The HPK-Series motors offer rapid acceleration and deceleration. The F-Series medium-inertia motors support applications that require smooth movement of large loads. The TL-Series low-inertia motors are compact with a power-dense design.

The Allen Bradley Servo motor mainly classified into two categories Linear Motor and Rotary Motor.

Linear motor consist of different classes:-LDS series and LDL series.

Rotary motor consist of different classes:- VP servo motor, MP servo motor, RDD series Direct Drive, TL series Compact, Kinetix 6000M Integrated Drive Motor systems and HPK series.

Allen Bradley servomotor LDL and LDC series  has 15 and more versions as are LDC-C030100-DHT11; LDC-C030100-DHT20; LDC-C030200-DHT11; LDC-C030200-DHT20; and LDC-C030100-EHT11 etc.

Allen Bradley servomotor Kinetix VP Servo Motor series  has 15 and more versions as are VPC B165-3B72A-SJ74FS; VPC B165-3B72A-SJ72FS; VPC B165-3B72A-SK74FS;  VPC B165-3B72A-QJ14FS;  and VPC B165-3B72A-QJ12FS etc.

Allen Bradley servomotor RDD Series Servo Motor has 15 and more versions as are RDB-B21519-3B72AA; RDB-B21519-7B72AA; RDB-B2151C-3B72AA; RDB-B2151C-7B72AA; RDB-B21529-3B72AA; and RDB-B21529-7B72AA etc.

Allen Bradley servomotor TLL Series Servo Motor has 15 and more versions as are TL-A110P-BJ32AA; TL-A120P-BJ32AA; TL-A130P-BJ32AA; TL-A220P-BJ32AA; TL-A2530P-BJ32AA; TL-A2540P-BJ32AA;

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Teco Servo Drives

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Power400W - 3KW
BrandTeco Servo
Input Voltage230V
Input Phase1 - Phase
Frequency50 Hz / 60 Hz

Teco Servo Motors and Teco Servo Drives will provide dependable long-lasing and user-friendlyhigh quality Servo drives. 

  • JSDE+ Series
  • JSDA+ Series
  • JSDG2S Series
  • JSDE2 Series

JSDE+ Series:
Servo Drives:
  • JSDEP-10A
  • JSDEP-15A
  • JSDEP-20A
  • JSDEP-30A
  • JSDEP-50A3

Servo Motor:

JSDA+ Series:Servo Drives:
  • JSDAP-10A
  • JSDAP-15A
  • JSDAP-20A
  • JSDAP-30A
  • JSDAP-50A3
  • JSDAP-75A3
  • JSDAP-100A3
  • JSDAP-150A3
  • JSDAP-200A3
  • JSDAP-300A3
  • JSDAP-25B
  • JSDAP-35B
  • JSDAP-50B
  • JSDAP-75B
  • JSDAP-100B

JSDG2S Series:
  • JSDG2S-10A: PUCP5A3K
  • JSDG2S-10A: PUC01A3K
  • JSDG2S-15A: PUC02A3K
  • JSDG2S-15A: PUC04A3K
  • JSDG2S-20A: PUC08A3K
  • JSDG2S-10A: PBC01A3K
  • JSDG2S-10A: PBC02A3K
  • JSDG2S-15A: PBC04A3K
  • JSDG2S-20A: PBC08A3K
  • JSDG2S-15A: PLC03A3K
  • JSDG2S-20A: PLC08A3K
  • JSDG2S-30A: PMB10A3K
  • JSDG2S-30A: PMB15A3K
  • JSDG2S-50A3: PMB15A3K
  • JSDG2S-50A3: PMB20A3K
  • JSDG2S-75A3: PMB30A3K
  • JSDG2S-30A: BH09
  • JSDG2S-50A3: BH09
  • JSDG2S-50A3: BH13
  • JSDG2S-75A3: BH13
  • JSDG2S-75A3: BH18
  • JSDG2S-75A3: BH18_18
  • JSDG2S-100A3: BH18_18
  • JSDG2S-100A3: PBH29
  • JSDG2S-150A3: PBH44
  • JSDG2S-150A3: PBH55
  • JSDG2S-200A3: PBH55
  • JSDG2S-200A3: PBH75
  • JSDG2S-300A3: PBH75
  • JSDG2S-75A3: PIH30A3K
  • JSDG2S-100A3: PIH44
  • JSDG2S-150A3: PIH55
  • JSDG2S-200A3: PIH75
  • JSDG2S-300A3: PIH75
  • JSDG2S-200A3: PIH110
  • JSDG2S-300A3: PIH110
  • JSDG2S-300A3: PIH150

JSDE2 Series:
  • JSDE2-10A: PUCP5A3K
  • JSDE2-10A: PUC01A3K
  • JSDE2-15A: PUC02A3K
  • JSDE2-15A: PUC04A3K
  • JSDE2-20A: PUC08A3K
  • JSDE2-10A: PBC01A3K
  • JSDE2-15A: PBC02A3K
  • JSDE2-15A: PBC04A3K
  • JSDE2-20A: PBC08A3K
  • JSDE2-15A: PLC03A3K
  • JSDE2-20A: PLC08A3K
  • JSDE2-30A: PMB10A3K
  • JSDE2-30A: PMB15A3K
  • JSDE2-50A3: PMB15A3K
  • JSDE2-50A3: PMB20A3K
  • JSDE2-75A3: PMB30A3K
  • JSDE2-30A: BH09
  • JSDE2-50A3: BH09
  • JSDE2-50A3: BH13
  • JSDE2-75A3: BH13
  • JSDE2-75A3: BH18
  • JSDE2-75A3: BH18_18
  • JSDE2-75A3: PBH30a3k

Teco Servo Drives:
  • TSTA-15C
  • TSTA-20C
  • TSTA-30C
  • TSTA-50D
  • TSTA-75D

Servo Motors:

  • TSC04051C
  • TSC04101C
  • TSC06401C
  • TSC08751C
  • TSB07301C
  • TSB08751C
  • TSB13551A
  • TSB13102A
  • TSB13102B
  • TSB13152A
  • TSB13202B
  • TSB13302B
  • TSB13152C
  • TSB13302C
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Delta Servo Drive A3 Series

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Motor TypeServo Motor
Input Voltage220V
Input PhaseSingle Phase
Frame SizeVarious
Ambient Operating Temperature0 - 55 DegreeC
Model NumberA3 SERIES
Output Power100-3000 W

As the market of automated manufacturing rapidly develops, the need for servo products with higher performance, speed, precision, bandwidth, and functionality is widely increasing.

To meet the requirements of the motion control market for industrial manufacturing machines, Delta presents a new High-end AC Servo System, the ASDA-A3 Series, with features such as multi-functionality, high-performance, energy-efficiency, and compact design.

With auto-tuning and a user-friendly interface for system analysis, the ASDA-A3 Series provides 3.1kHz of bandwidth and employs a 24-bit absolute type encoder, creating advantages that include high response, precise locating, and stable and flexible performance. In addition, the series has added new functions such as vibration suppression, system diagnosis, and a shared DC-bus design which can regenerate energy. Delta’s AC Servo System ASDA-A3 Series offers a comprehensive technology and solution to help our customers enhance their machine’s precision and achieve excellent performance.
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Invt Servo Motor

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Motor TypeAC
Power750 watt
Usage/Applicationapplications requiring precise position control

We are one of the suppliers for AC Servo Motors in India, based in Mumbai. 
We supply Globally.

Delta Servo Drive A2R series

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Input Phase1/3 phase
Speed2000 rpm
Power0.1-15 Kw
Usage/Applicationapplications requiring precise position control
Model Name/NumberA2R

The ASDA-A2R series is an innovative linear drive system that has successfully integrated CANopen and DMCNET communication interfaces to offer high response and high precision control.

Connecting to Delta's motion control cards and programmable automation controller (PAC) MH1-S30D, Delta's linear drive system can provide an ideal solution for multi-axis motion control applications in various automated industries.

For Delta's ECML-S16/20/25/32 series ironless linear motors, the ASDA-A2R series is able to perform the characteristics of high precision, high rigidity, high response and backlash free to optimal levels. This not only increases the work efficiency of the motion control system, but also expands the applications of the servo system to satisfy demanding high precision requirements.

Current linear drive systems in the market are a complex system that includes servo drive, linear motor, linear scale and external controller while components come from different suppliers. The customer would need to apply great effort to integration. The ASDA-A2R series combines Delta's linear motors with Delta's PAC to establish a simpler system featuring simple wiring, quick installation, fast communication, superior performance and less integration effort.

When the ASDA-A2R series is connected to an optional ASD-IF-EN0A20 Signal Converter Box through a motor encoder interface, the square waves and sine waves of feedback signals from the linear scale, linear motor and encoder can be converted to communication signals into the ASDA-A2R series. The ASD-IF-EN0A20 converter box can divide the signals into high resolution signals (Signal amplification: a multiple of 2,048) to greatly reduce noise and distortion and provide more accurate signal transmission that is essential for fast and optimum communications.

Good stability, high reliability and excellent performance are the features of Delta's ASDA-A2R series linear motion drive.
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