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Mitsubishi Hmi Gs2107 Wtbd

(1 customer review)
Display Size 7" to 15" Mitsubishi HMI
Mounting Type Panel Mount
Model Name/Number Mitsubishi HMI
Brand Mitsubishi
Port Type RJ45
Type of Communication Ethernet
Usage/Application Human Machine Interface
Features Data Logging,Audit Trials

Mistrubushi HMI: Mitsubishi Offers a Series of HMI which are packed wth a lot of features and come in various sizes and series.

  • GOT2000 Series,
  • GOT Simple Series,
  • GT SoftGOT Series,

GOT Simple HMIs provide features that will help to reduce downtime, enable fast recovery from simple errors, increase availability and boost production efficiency. More than simply displaying data, the GOT Simple series delivers genuine perspective on the automation process and provide a platform to solve typical production demands in an economically way. They are easy to use, highly reliable and provide excellent serviceability.

  • GS2107-WTBD - Mitsubishi 7" Basic HMI
  • GS2110-WTBD - Mitsubishi 10" Basic HMI

GOT2000 Series:

GOT2000 series with intuitive operation reduces engineering man-hours and contributes improving efficiency and connectivity with your FA products.Use intuitive gestures to zoom in/out and to scroll. Zoom in to easily operate small and hard to reach switches. After zooming in, scroll the display to show the area you want to operate.
  • GT2705-VTBD-GF,
  • GT2708-STBA-GF,
  • GT2708-STBD-GF,
  • GT2708-VTBA-GF,
  • GT2708-VTBD-GF,
  • GT2710-STBA-GF,
  • GT2710-STBD-GF,
  • GT2710-VTBA-GF,
  • GT2710-VTBD-GF,
  • GT2710-VTWA-GF,
  • GT2710-VTWD-GF,
  • GT2712-STBA-GF,
  • GT2712-STBD-GF,
  • GT2712-STWA-GF,
  • GT2712-STWD-GF
  • GT2715-XTBA-GF,
  • GT2715-XTBD-GF,
  • GT2705-VTBD,
  • GT2708-STBA,
  • GT2708-STBD,
  • GT2708-VTBA,
  • GT2708-VTBD,
  • GT2710-STBA,
  • GT2710-STBD,
  • GT2710-VTBA,
  • GT2710-VTBD,
  • GT2710-VTWA,
  • GT2710-VTWD,
  • GT2712-STBA,
  • GT2712-STBD,
  • GT2712-STWA,
  • GT2712-STWD,
  • GT2715-XTBA,
  • GT2715-XTBD, 
  • GT2505-VTBD,
  • GT2508-VTBA-GF,
  • GT2508-VTBD-GF,
  • GT2508-VTBA,
  • GT2508-VTBD,
  • GT2508-VTWA-GF,
  • GT2508-VTWD-GF,
  • GT2508-VTWA,
  • T2508-VTWD,
  • GT2510-VTBA-GF,
  • GT2510-VTBD-GF,
  • GT2510-VTBA,
  • GT2510-VTBD,
  • GT2510-VTWA-GF,
  • GT2510-VTWD-GF,
  • GT2510-VTWA,
  • GT2510-VTWD,
  • GT2512-STBA-GF,
  • GT2512-STBD-GF,
  • GT2512-STBA,
  • GT2512-STBD,
  • GT2508F-VTND,
  • GT25F-08ESGS,
  • GT2508F-VTNA,
  • GT25F-08ESGS,
  • GT2510F-VTND,
  • GT25F-10ESGS,
  • GT2510F-VTNA,
  • GT25F-10ESGS,
  • GT2512F-STND,
  • GT25F-12ESGS,
  • GT2512F-STNA,
  • GT25F-12ESGS, 
  • GT2507-WTSD,
  • GT2510-WXTSD,
  • GT2507T-WTSD,
  • GT2308-VTBA,
  • GT2308-VTBD,
  • GT2310-VTBA,
  • GT2310-VTBD, 
  • GT2103-PMBD,
  • GT2103-PMBDS,
  • GT2103-PMBLS,
  • GT2104-RTBD, 
  • GT2107-WTSD, 
  • GT2505HS-VTBD,
  • GT2506HS-VTBD,

GT SoftGOT Series:

GT SoftGOT is an HMI software that allows GOT functions to operate on a personal computer or panel computer. This software connects with various types of equipment such as Mitsubishi PLCs and enables monitoring of the equipment just like the GOT2000 series. A major benefit of GT SoftGOT2000 is that visualisation screens can be created independently of their final target platform, i. e. a hardware platform such as GOT2000 or a PC based platform such as GT SoftGOT2000.

  • GT SoftGOT2000

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Delta HMI Dop B/H/W Series

(1 customer review)
Part NumberDOP B/W/H Series
User InterfaceModbus,Ethernet
For Use WithPLC
Usage/ApplicationMachine and Process Control
Mounting TypePanel Mount
Display Size4-15" HMI
Model Name/NumberDelta HMI



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Cermate HMI Panel

(1 customer review)
Model Name/NumberCermate HMI
Display Size4-15" HMI
Part NumberCermate PK Serie
For Use WithPLC
Type of CommunicationModbus,Ethernet
Port TypeModbus

Cermate HMI: CERMATE is a professional hardware manufacturer specialized in the production of Human Machine Interface (HMI) touch screen hardware.

  • PT2 Series 
  • PK2 Series
  • PA2 Series
  • GX Series
  • PX Series
  • Openframe

PT2 Series:Panel Express is a windows based HMI runtime. it enable you to ultilize the resource of a PC giving you computation powermultimedia and bigger screen to realize a high-end sophisticated HMI.
  • PT2043-41ST
  • PT2070-51ST
  • PT2080-51ST
  • PT2100-51ST
  • PT2104-51ST
  • PT2043-41ST
  • PT2121-51ST
  • PT2150-51ST

PK2 Series:Cermate has carved a niche amongst the most dominant names in this domain engaged in manufacturing and trading of Industrial Touch Screen HMI Panel. This Industrial Touch Screen HMI Panel is power efficient.
  • PK2043-31ST
  • PK2070-31ST
  • PK2080-31ST
  • PK2100-31ST
  • PK2104-31ST
  • PK2120-31ST
  • PK2121-31ST
  • PK2150-31ST
  • PK2043-30ST
  • PK2070-30ST
  • PK2100-30ST

PA2 Series:USB port compatibility with commercially available printersHard copies of screens can be printed out in color by USB-compatible printers or to the flash card.
  • PA2043-20ST
  • PA2070-30ST
  • PA2100-30ST

GX Series:Cermate has professional RAD team and a lot of experience in high quality production technology.
  • GX607-WST
  • GX608-TST
  • GX610-TST
  • GX612-XSD
  • GX615-XSD

PX Series:Support preschedules function to static program or dynamic program. Real-time data / data analytics /graphic control planning and record data.
  • PX070-WST
  • PX080-TST
  • PX104-TST
  • PX121-XSD
  • PX150-XSD

Openframe:HMIs are used to optimize an industrial process by digitizing and centralizing data for a viewer. By leveraging HMI operators can see important information displayed in graphs charts or digital dashboards view and manage alarms and connect with SCADA and MES systems all through one console.
  • PA2043-20ST
  • PA2043-30ST
  • PA2043-31ST
  • PA2043-41ST
  • PA2070-20ST
  • PK2070-20ST
  • PK2070-31ST
  • PT2070-31ST
  • PK2100-31ST
  • PT2100-31ST
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Exor Hmi Touch Panel

(1 customer review)
Model Name/NumberExor HMI
Display Size4-15" HMI
Part NumberExor
User InterfaceMobus,Ethernet
Featured DeviceHMI
For Use WithPLC
Usage/ApplicationMachine Control
Mounting TypePanel Mount
Exor HMI: Exor has a wide range of HMI for various applications:
  • Food & Beverage Series
  • Harsh Environment Series
  • eSMART Series
  • Handheld Series
  • ex700 Series
  • eTOP500 Series
  • JSmart Series
  • Panel PC

Food & Beverage Series:Where tough legislation requires that handling preparation processing and packaging of food is done to be extremely hygienic the outstanding 7” and 15′′ Food and Beverage HMI from Exor are the best choice for manufacturer and final consumer. 
  • ex707fb
  • eX715FB
  • eTOP507MFB
  • eTOP507MFB

Harsh Environment Series:The eTOP500 Glass with a class-leading performance rating it has become the choice for extreme conditions. Now joined with the harsh environment version of the powerful eX700 Glass Series the benefits of IIoT can reach even the most inhospitable or remote of locations.
  • eX707G
  • eX710G
  • eTOP507G
  • eTOP507MG
  • eTOP510G
  • eTOP515G

eSMART Series:The eSMART series of products combine the power of JMobile – the software inside X Platform with an outstandingly robust design.
  • eSMART04
  • eSMART04M
  • eSMART07M
  • eSMART10
  • eSMART107

Handheld Series:The Handheld device range from EXOR is a true HMI in your hand: powerful and easy to program to your needs they remain the perfect choice for safe mobile requirements. 
  • H3
  • H4

ex700 Series:Super High Performance High Resolution Glass Cap Touch Fully Connectable upstream & downstream Powerful Integrated PLC with all the major protocols Integrated VPN with Service Cloud.
  • eX705
  • eX707
  • eX710
  • eX715
  • eX721

eTOP500 Series:The eTOP Series 500 combines state-of-the-art features and top performance with an outstanding design.
  • eTOP504-White
  • eTOP504-Silver
  • eTOP504-Black
  • eTOP506-White
  • eTOP506-Silver 
  • eTOP506-Black
  • eTOP507-White
  • eTOP507-Silver
  • eTOP507-Black
  • eTOP507M-White
  • eTOP507M-Silver
  • eTOP507M-Black
  • eTOP510-White
  • eTOP510-Silver
  • eTOP510-Black
  • eTOP512-White
  • eTOP512-Silver
  • eTOP512-Black
  • eTOP513-White
  • eTOP513-Silver
  • eTOP513-Black
  • eTOP515-White
  • eTOP515-Silver
  • eTOP515-Black

JSmart Series:
  • JSmart705
  • JSmart710
  • JSmart715
  • JSmart721
  • JSmart707

Panel PC:EXOR fanless Panel PC adopts an all-in-one concept that integrates a single board computer TFT LCD Panel with LED backlight and user-friendly touch screen within a slick and compact IP65 chassis.
  • eTOP-EPC0840T
  • eTOP-EPC1240T
  • eTOP-EPC1540T
  • eTOP-EPC1740T
  • eTOP-EPC1940T
  • eTOP-IPC1040P
  • eTOP-IPC1640P
  • eTOP-IPC1840P
  • eTOP-IPC2140P
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Siemens Simatic HMI Basic Panels

(1 customer review)
Port Type Ethernet
Type of Communication Modbus TCP/IP
Usage/Application Machine Interface
Mounting Type Panel Mount
Display Size 4 inch
Model Name/Number Siemens KTP Basic Panel

HMI basic functions, SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels 2nd generation are the ideal entry-level series for simple HMI applications. The device series offers panels with 4", 7", 9" and 12" displays, and combined key or touch operation The innovative widescreen displays are high resolution with 64,000 colors.  The USB interface allows you to connect a keyboard, mouse and barcode scanner and supports easy archiving of data on a USB stick. 

  • KTP400 Basic,
  • KTP700 Basic,
  • KTP700 Basic DP,
  • KTP900 Basic,
  • KTP1200 Basic,
  • KTP1200 Basic DP,
  • KTP300 Basic mono PN,
  • KTP400 Basic color PN,

Article No.
  • 6AV2123-2DB03-0AX0 : 6AV21232DB030AX0 - 4" Touch + Key,
  • 6AV2123-2GA03-0AX0 : 6AV21232GA030AX0 - 7" Touch + Key,
  • 6AV2123-2GB03-0AX0 : 6AV21232GB030AX0 - 7" Touch + Key,
  • 6AV2123-2GB03-0AX0 : 6AV21232GB030AX0 - 9" Touch + Key,
  • 6AV2123-2GB03-0AX0 : 6AV21232GB030AX0 - 12" Touch + Key,
  • 6AV2123-2MB03-0AX0 : 6AV21232MB030AX0 - 12" Touch + Key,
  • 6AV2123-0AH11-0AX0 : 6AV21230AH110AX0 - 3.6" Touch + Key,
  • 6AV2123-0AJ11-0AX0 : 6AV21230AJ110AX0 - 4" Touch + Key,
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Siemens Logo TDE Text Display

(1 customer review)
Port TypeRJ45
Type of CommunicationEthernet
Usage/ApplicationText Display
Mounting TypePanel Mount
Display SizeLogo TDE
Model Name/NumberSiemens LOGO TDE Text Display

LOGO! TDE - Text Display:
6ED1055-4MH08-0BA0, 6ED10554MH080BA0:

The external text display LOGO! TDE provides an affordable interface for machine operators.Parameter adjustments and troubleshooting are easily handled using the LOGO! TDE with built-in operator functions and diagnostics.
  • LOGO! TDE for LOGO! 8
  • LOGO! TDE (usable with LOGO! 8) with two Ethernet interfaces to connect simultaneously to LOGO! basic modules and PC/PG
  • Improved display with 6 lines and 20 characters per line for messages in plain text
  • Using ticker text function one line can show up to 40 characters
  • selectable white, orange, and red backlighting for optical
  • emphasis, etc.
  • Via Ethernet a LOGO! TDE can show messages or parameters from several LOGO! modules one after the other
  • Password protection for changing between operator mode and administrator mode
  • LOGO! TDE has also access to the application program of the LOGO! in administrator mode
  • (i.e you can program from the TDE directly).
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Allen Bradley hmi Panelview Plus 6

(1 customer review)
BrandAllen Bradley
Port TypeModbus and Ethernet
For Use WithPLC
Type of CommunicationModbus and Ethernet
Display SizeAll
Model Name/NumberAllen Bradley PanelView Component Graphic Terminals

Allen Bradley PanelView Component Graphic Terminals: These graphic terminals are designed with the same functionality and better performance of higher processor speed, higher memory and better display color and resolutions, which provide an ideal replacement to support most PanelView Component applications.

  • 2711C-F2M,
  • 2711C-K2M,
  • 2711C-T3M,
  • 2711C-K3M,
  • 2711C-T4T,
  • 2711C-T6M,
  • 2711C-T6T,
  • 2711C-T10C,
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Siemens Simatic Comfort Panel HMI

(1 customer review)
Port TypeEthernet
Display Size4" to 22" HMI
Model Name/NumberSiemens Comfort Panel
BrandSiemens HMI
Power (Wattage)500 - 1000 W
Type of CommunicationEthernet

SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels are designed for implementation of high-performance visualization applications on the machine-level. High performance, functionality and numerous integrated interfaces offer the greatest convenience in high-end applications.

SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels Standard devices form the technological basis for specialised variants like IP65 protected devices, panels with a stainless steel front, or for outdoor applications as well as coated versions.

Siemens Comfort Panels:

  • KTP400 Comfort,
  • KP400 Comfort,
  • TP700 Comfort,
  • KP700 Comfort,
  • TP900 Comfort,
  • KP900 Comfort,
  • TP1200 Comfort,
  • KP1200 Comfort,
  • TP1500 Comfort,
  • KP1500 Comfort,
  • TP1900 Comfort,
  • TP2200 Comfort,



Article No.


  • 6AV2124-2DC01-0AX0 : 6AV21242DC010AX0 - 4" Touch + Key,
  • 6AV2124-1DC01-0AX0 : 6AV21241DC010AX0 - 4" Key,
  • 6AV2124-0GC01-0AX0 : 6AV21240GC010AX0 - 7" Touch + Key,
  • 6AV2124-1GC01-0AX0 : 6AV21241GC010AX0 - 7" Key,
  • 6AV2124-0JC01-0AX0 : 6AV21240JC010AX0 - 9" Touch,
  • 6AV2124-1JC01-0AX0 : 6AV21241JC010AX0 - 9" Key,
  • 6AV2124-0MC01-0AX0 : 6AV21240MC010AX0 - 12" Touch,
  • 6AV2124-1MC01-0AX0 : 6AV21241MC010AX0 - 12" Key,
  • 6AV2124-0QC02-0AX1 : 6AV21240QC020AX1 - 15" Touch,
  • 6AV2124-1QC02-0AX1 : 6AV21241QC020AX1 - 15" Key,
  • 6AV2124-0UC02-0AX1 : 6AV21240UC020AX1 -19" Touch,
  • 6AV2124-0XC02-0AX1 : 6AV21240XC020AX1 - 22 " Touch,
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