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Fuji AC Drives Products Range:

Fuji Frenic-Mini AC Drive

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Model Name/NumberFRENIC-Mini Series
Motor Power0.1 kW to 15 kW
Input Voltage200 V and 400 V
Input Phase3 - Phase
Input Frequency50/60 Hz
TypeMicro Drive
ApplicationSpeed Control

Fuji Frenic Mini VFD is a compact micro drive with all major functions.Single Phase 230VAC - Upto 3hp.Three Phase 415VAC - Upto 20hp.

Models and Ratings:
FRN0001C2S-7 : Fuji Frenic Mini Series 0.1kw Single Phase 230VAC,
FRN0002C2S-7 : Fuji Frenic Mini Series 0.2kw Single Phase 230VAC,
FRN0004C2S-7 : Fuji Frenic Mini Series 0.4kw Single Phase 230VAC,
FRN0006C2S-7 : Fuji Frenic Mini Series 0.75kw Single Phase 230VAC,
FRN0010C2S-7 : Fuji Frenic Mini Series 1.5kw Single Phase 230VAC,
FRN0012C2S-7 : Fuji Frenic Mini Series 2kw Single Phase 230VAC,
FRN0002C2S-4 : Fuji Frenic Mini Series 0.4kw Three Phase 415VAC,
FRN0004C2S-4 : Fuji Frenic Mini Series 0.75kw Three Phase 415VAC,
FRN0005C2S-4 : Fuji Frenic Mini Series 1.5kw Three Phase 415VAC,
FRN0007C2S-4 : Fuji Frenic Mini Series 2.2kw Three Phase 415VAC,
FRN0011C2S-4 : Fuji Frenic Mini Series 3.7kw Three Phase 415VAC,
FRN0013C2S-4 : Fuji Frenic Mini Series 5.5kw Three Phase 415VAC,
FRN0018C2S-4 : Fuji Frenic Mini Series 7.5kw Three Phase 415VAC,
FRN0024C2S-4 : Fuji Frenic Mini Series 11kw Three Phase 415VAC,
FRN0030C2S-4 : Fuji Frenic Mini Series 15kw Three Phase 415VAC,
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Fuji FRENIC-Mega AC Drive

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Model Name/NumberFRENIC-MEGA
Motor Power0.4 kW to 630 kW
Input Voltage400 V
Input Phase3 - Phase
Input Frequency50/60 Hz
Start Up TorqueHigh
Warranty1 Year

Fuji Frenic MEGA has flexibility and functionality to support wide range of applications.

FRENIC-MEGA takes core capability, responsiveness and easy maintenance to the next level.
Models and Ratings:
FRN2.2G1S-4A : Fuji Frenic MEGA 2.2KW HD,
FRN3.7G1S-4A : Fuji Frenic MEGA 3.7KW HD,
FRN5.5G1S-4A : Fuji Frenic MEGA 5.5KW HD,
FRN7.5G1S-4A : Fuji Frenic MEGA 7.5KW HD,
FRN11G1S-4A : Fuji Frenic MEGA 11KW HD,
FRN15G1S-4A : Fuji Frenic MEGA 15KW HD,
FRN18.5G1S-4A : Fuji Frenic MEGA 18.5KW HD,
FRN22G1S-4A : Fuji Frenic MEGA 22KW HD,
FRN30G1S-4A : Fuji Frenic MEGA 30KW HD,
FRN37G1S-4A : Fuji Frenic MEGA 37KW HD,
FRN45G1S-4A : Fuji Frenic MEGA 45KW HD,
FRN55G1S-4A : Fuji Frenic MEGA 55KW HD,
FRN75G1S-4A : Fuji Frenic MEGA 75KW HD,
FRN90G1S-4A : Fuji Frenic MEGA 90KW HD,
FRN110G1S-4A : Fuji Frenic MEGA 110KW HD,
FRN132G1S-4A : Fuji Frenic MEGA 132KW HD,
FRN160G1S-4A : Fuji Frenic MEGA 160KW HD,
FRN200G1S-4A : Fuji Frenic MEGA 200KW HD,
FRN220G1S-4A : Fuji Frenic MEGA 220KW HD,
FRN280G1S-4A : Fuji Frenic MEGA 280KW HD,
FRN315G1S-4A : Fuji Frenic MEGA 315KW HD,
FRN355G1S-4A : Fuji Frenic MEGA 355KW HD,
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Model Name/NumberFRENIC-ACE
Motor Power0.75 kW to 250 kW
Input Voltage400 V
Input Phase3 - Phase
Input Frequency50/60 Hz
Start Up TorqueHigh
Warranty1 Year

Fuji Frenic ACE is the standard inverter for the next generation.

The FRENIC-Ace, can be used in most types of application - from fans and pumps to specialized machinery.
Upto 315KW.
Models and Ratings:Single Phase 230VAC:
FRN0001E2S-7 : Fuji ACE Series 0.1kw,
FRN0002E2S-7 : Fuji ACE Series 0.2kw,
FRN0003E2S-7 : Fuji ACE Series 0.4kw,
FRN0005E2S-7 : Fuji ACE Series 0.75kw,
FRN0008E2S-7 : Fuji ACE Series 1.5kw,
FRN0011E2S-7 : Fuji ACE Series 2kw,

Three Phase 415VAC:
FRN0002E2S-4 : Fuji  ACE Series, 0.75KW ND / 0.75KW HD,
FRN0004E2S-4 : Fuji  ACE Series, 1.5KW ND / 1.1KW HD,
FRN0006E2S-4 : Fuji  ACE Series, 2.2KW ND / 2.2KW HD,
FRN0007E2S-4 : Fuji  ACE Series, 4KW ND / 3KW HD,
FRN0012E2S-4 : Fuji  ACE Series, 5.5KW ND / 5.5KW HD,
FRN0022E2S-4 : Fuji  ACE Series, 11KW ND / 7.5KW HD,
FRN0029E2S-4 : Fuji  ACE Series, 15KW ND / 11KW HD,
FRN0037E2S-4 : Fuji  ACE Series, 18.5KW ND / 15KW HD,
FRN0044E2S-4 : Fuji  ACE Series, 22KW ND / 18.5KW HD,
FRN0059E2S-4 : Fuji  ACE Series, 30KW ND / 22KW HD,
FRN0072E2S-4 : Fuji  ACE Series, 37KW ND / 30KW HD,
FRN0085E2S-4 : Fuji  ACE Series, 45KW ND / 37KW HD,
FRN0105E2S-4 : Fuji  ACE Series, 55KW ND / 45KW HD,
FRN0139E2S-4 : Fuji  ACE Series, 75KW ND / 55KW HD,
FRN0168E2S-4 : Fuji  ACE Series, 90KW ND / 75KW HD,
FRN0203E2S-4 : Fuji  ACE Series, 110KW ND / 90KW HD,
FRN0240E2S-4 : Fuji  ACE Series, 132KW ND / 110KW HD,
FRN0290E2S-4 : Fuji  ACE Series, 160KW ND / 132KW HD,
FRN0361E2S-4 : Fuji  ACE Series, 200KW ND / 160KW HD,
FRN0415E2S-4 : Fuji  ACE Series, 200KW ND / 160KW HD,
FRN0520E2S-4 : Fuji  ACE Series, 280KW ND / 220KW HD,
FRN0590E2S-4 : Fuji  ACE Series, 315KW ND / 250KW HD,
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(1 customer review)
Model Name/NumberFRENIC-HVAC
Motor Power0.75 kW to 710 kW
Input Voltage400 V
Input Phase3 - Phase
Input Frequency50/60 Hz

Fuji FRENIC HVAC offers optimum capability in terms of energy saving for fans and pumps used in HVAC applications, eliminates waste through appropriate flow rate and air flow adjustments, and greatly influences power conservation and cost reductions through energy saving.

Fuji Frenic-Lift AC Drive

(1 customer review)
Model Name/NumberFRENIC-Lift
Motor Power5.5 kW to 45 kW
Input Voltage380-480 V
Input Phase3 - Phase
Input Frequency50/60 Hz
ApplicationLifts and Elevators

Fuji FRENIC Lift Series of AC Drives for operation of elevators are specially designed. It has vastly lower torque ripple.

Models and Ratings:
FRN4.0LM1S-4 : Fuji Frenic LIFT 4KW,
FRN5.5LM1S-4 : Fuji Frenic LIFT 5.5KW,
FRN7.5LM1S-4 : Fuji Frenic LIFT 7.5KW,
FRN11LM1S-4 : Fuji Frenic LIFT 11KW,
FRN15LM1S-4 : Fuji Frenic LIFT 15KW,
FRN18.5LM1S-4 : Fuji Frenic LIFT 18.5KW,
FRN22LM1S-4 : Fuji Frenic LIFT 22KW,
FRN30LM1S-4 : Fuji Frenic LIFT 30KW,
FRN37LM1S-4 : Fuji Frenic LIFT 37KW,
FRN45LM1S-4 : Fuji Frenic LIFT 45KW,
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