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Ge Fanuc Versamax Plc

(1 customer review)
Input Output Control MethodProgrammable
I/O Points40 I/O Points
Output TypeDigital
Communication PortRS485
Current0.5 A
Display Type7 Segment LED
Power220 V AC
Manufacturer SeriesEmerson Versamax

Versamax has a wide range of Controllers:

  • Industrial I/O 
  • Motion Control
  • Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) 
  • Panel PCs 
  • QuickPanel+ 
  • Industrial Web Panels 
  • Industrial Monitors
  • Programmable Automation Controllers 
  • Small / Micro Controllers 
  • Large Controllers 
  • Compact Controllers 
  • Edge Devices & Software 
  • Control Software 
  • Industrial Ethernet Switches 
  • Safety Control 

  • IC200UAR014:VersaMax Micro 14 point PLC
  • IC200UDD240:VersaMax Micro 40 point PLC
  • IC200USB002:VersaMax Micro 20/40/64, RS-485 communications option
  • RX3i CPE400 Controller:
  • VersaMax CPUE05 with Ethernet Interfaces:
  • RX3i CPE400 Controller with Energy Pack:
  • RX3i CPL410 Controller:
  • RX3i CPE302 Controller:
  • RX3i CPE310 Controller:
  • VersaMax CPU001 with 34K user configurable user memory:
  • RX3i CPE305 Controller:
  • RX3i CPE330 Controller:
  • RX3i CPE330 Controller with Energy Pack:
  • IC200CHS022:GE Fanuc, VersaMax Series, VersaMax Compact I/O Carrier, 5 V dc
  • IC200CHS001:GE Fanuc, Input Adapter Module
  • IC200CHS003:GE Fanuc, PLC I/O Adapter
  • IC200PWR002:GE Fanuc, Power Supply Module, 24 V dc, 1 A, 
  • IC200PWR001:GE Fanuc, Power Supply Module, 24 V dc, 1.5 A, 
  • IC200CHS002:GE Fanuc, VersaMax Series, VersaMax I/O Carrier, 24 V dc
  • IC200CPU005:GE Fanuc, PLC CPU Module, 128K Steps, 4.989 kg
  • IC200PWR102:GE Fanuc, IC200 Series, Power Supply Module, 120 V ac, 240 V ac
  • IC200PWR101:GE Fanuc, Power Supply Module, 120 to 240 V 
  • IC200UAL006:GE Fanuc, Microcontroller, Relay, 24 V dc, 1, 9
  • IC200PWR202:GE Fanuc, Power Supply Module
  • IC200PWR201:12 VDC Power Supply
  • IC200PWB001:GE Fanuc, PLC Power Supply
  • IC200CPUE05:GE Fanuc CPU Module for RX3i Controllers 24 V dc
  • IC200CPU002:GE Fanuc, CPU Module, 42 kB for PLC Module, RS232/RS485
  • IC200CPU001:GE Fanuc, CPU Module, Analogue Output, RS232/RS485
  • IC200CHS212:Relay Base
  • IC200CHS211:Relay Base
  • IC200CHS112:Relay Base
  • IC200CHS111:GE Fanuc, Interposing Relay
  • IC200CHS102:Expansion Input or Output Interposing Disconnect Style 16 Points
  • IC200CHS101:Input or Output Interposing Disconnect Style 16 Points. 
  • IC200CHS025:GE Fanuc, I/O Carrier for Versmax
  • IC200CHS015:GE Fanuc, I/O Carrier for Versmax
  • IC200CHS014:VersaMax I/O Carrier, 
  • IC200CHS012:VersaMax I/O Carrier,
  • IC200CHS011:VersaMax I/O Carrier,
  • IC200CHS005:GE Fanuc, I/O Module Terminal for VersaMax Distributed I/O Module
  • IC693NIU004:GE Fanuc, Interface Unit
  • IC200ERM002:GE Fanuc, Receiver Module, 5 V dc for Versamax PLC Station
  • IC200ETM001:GE Fanuc, Expansion Module
  • IC695LRE001:GE Fanuc, I/O Module, 320 (Discrete)/160 (Analog) Input, 320 (Discrete)/18 (Analog) Output
  • IC200ERM001:GE Fanuc, Expansion Receiver Module,
  • IC695NKT001:GE Fanuc, RX3i Series, High Speed I/O Module
  • MICRO 14:GE Fanuc, PLC Controller for Programming Controller, 
  • MICRO 20:12 in/8 out
  • MICRO 23:13 in/10 out
  • MICRO 28:16 in/12 out
  • MICRO 40:24 in/16 out
  • MICRO 64:40 in/24 out
  • NANO 10:6 in/4 out

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: GE_Fanuc_PLC
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Unitronics Plc Hmi

(1 customer review)
Manufacturer SeriesUniStream / vision / samba / jazz Series
Mounting TypePanel
Output TypeDigital
Current0.5 A
Communication PortModbus and Ethernet
Display TypeHMI
Number of Inputs14 Digits
Voltage24 V DC

Unitronics PLC: Range of PLCs - from Complex Machines to Simple PLC Control

Unitronics UniStream Series:

Its unique design enables you to create a custom control solution in three steps: select an HMI panel snap in a CPU and add any I/O or communication modules necessary for your specific application.


  • UniStream 7
  • UniStream 10.4
  • UniStream 15.6
  • US5-B5-B1
  • US5-B10-B1
  • US5-B5-TR22
  • US5-B10-TR22
  • US5-B5-T24
  • US5-B10-T24
  • US5-B5-RA28
  • US5-B10-RA28
  • US5-B5-TA30
  • US5-B10-TA30
  • US5-B5-R38
  • US5-B10-R38
  • US5-B5-T42
  • US5-B10-T42

Unitronics Vision Series:

Advanced PLC from the back—big high-resolution color touch screen from the front. Snap in I/Os for an All-in-One solutions expand up to 1000 I/Os. 


  • M90/M91
  • VISION130
  • VISION230
  • VISION120
  • VISION280
  • VISION290
  • VISION530
  • VISION350
  • VISION570
  • VISION560
  • VISION1040
  • VISION1210
  • VISION700
  • VISION430

Exapnsion Modules:

  • V430-J-B1 
  • V430-J-R34 
  • V430-J-TR34
  • V430-J-RH6
  • V430-J-RA22
  • V430-J-TRA22
  • V430-J-T2
  • V430-J-T38 
  • V430-J-TA24
  • V350-J-B1
  • V350-J-TR20
  • V350-J-R34
  • V350-J-TR34
  • V350-J-TR6
  • V350-J-RA22
  • V350-J-TRA22
  • V350-J-T2 
  • V350-J-T38 
  • V350-J-TA24
  • V350-JS-TA24
  • V130-J-B1
  • V130-J-TR20
  • V130-J-R34
  • V130-J-TR34
  • V130-J-TR6
  • V130-J-RA22
  • V130-J-TRA22
  • V130-J-T2 
  • V130-J-T38 
  • V130-J-TA24
  • V200-18-E1B 
  • V200-18-E2B
  • V200-18-E3XB 
  • V200-18-E4XB
  • V200-18-E5B
  • V200-18-E6B
  • V200-18-E46B
  • V200-18-E62B3
  • IO-DI8-TO8 
  • IO-DI8-RO4
  • IO-DI8-RO8
  • EX90-DI8-RO83 
  • IO-DI16 
  • IO-TO16
  • IO-RO8 
  • IO-RO16 
  • IO-DI8ACH 
  • IO-AI4-AO2
  • IO-PT400
  • IO-PT4K
  • IO-AO6X
  • IO-LC1
  • IO-LC3 
  • IO-ATC8
  • IO-AI8 
  • IO-D16A3-RO16 
  • IO-D16A3-TO16 
  • EX-D16A3-RO87
  • EX-D16A3-TO167
  • EXF-RC15


Samba Series:

Full-function PLC with built-in highresolution full-color touch screen and built-in I/O configuration. 

I/O options including digital analog and high speed Auto-tune PID up to 2 independent loops.

Recipe programs and data logging via data tables Function Blocks.


  • SAMBA 3.5
  • SAMBA 4.3
  • SAMBA 7


Jazz Series:

An All-in-One unit affordable as a "smart relay". Full-function PLC combined with a textual HMI and keypad with up to 40 built-in I/Os.


CPU Modules: Jazz  


Expansion Modules:

  • JZ20-J-R10
  • JZ20-J-R16
  • JZ20-J-R16HS
  • JZ20-J-R31
  • JZ20-J-T10
  • JZ20-J-T18
  • JZ20-J-T20HS
  • JZ20-J-T40 
  • JZ20-J-UA24
  • JZ20-J-UN20

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: Unitronics_PLC
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Mitsubishi Fx5u Plc

(1 customer review)
Manufacturer SeriesFx5U
I/O Points40 I/O Points
Display TypeHMI
Number of Inputs14 Digits
Power240 V AC
Output TypeDigital
Mitsubishi PLC
Fx5U and Fx3U 

Suitable for various high end applications incuding servo applications.

Omron Cp1e Plc

(1 customer review)
Voltage24 V DC
Model Name/NumberNX Series
Current0.5 A
Mounting TypePanel
Frequency50/60 Hz
Input Value220V

Programmable Logic Controllers, along with easy-to-use Support Software, are available to flexibly handle applications from small-scale equipment to entire production lines with Programmable Logic Controllers such as those in the CJ1, CS1 and other series.


NX Series: Motion, Logic, Safety, Vision and HMI in one

NJ Series: Motion, Logic, Safety, Vision and HMI in one


CP1 Series: The one-package CP1 PLCs provide built-in pulse output, analog I/O, and serial communications.


CJ1 Series: The CJ1 Series of small Programmable Controllers provide all the functions required for everything from machine control to process control in a backplane-free structure that enables flexible system configuration.


CJ2 Series: Enhanced performance and functionality over the CJ1. A Programmable Controller that inherits all the features of the CJ1.


CS1 Series: The CS1 medium-sized building-block PLCs can be configured from a wide array of CPU Units, Special I/O Units, and CPU Bus Units. It handles everything from machine control to process control.


NSJ Series: This One-package Controller combines a touch panel with a controller.


PLC Based Process Control: Compact, low-cost and yet advanced process-control engineering can be achieved based on Programmable Controllers

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: OMRON_PLC
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Panasonic PLC software

(1 customer review)
Mounting TypePanel
Voltage24 V DC
Display Type7 Segment LED
Model Name/NumberFPWIN Pro - FP Series
PLC Power220V

FPWIN is the Panasonic programming software developed according to the international standard IEC 61131-3 (for Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7). This new version is a result of experience gained over many years. We were one of the first PLC manufacturers to offer an IEC 61131-3 programming software, and we are a leading member of the international organisation PLCopen.


The most important FPWIN Pro highlights at a glance:

  • One software for all FP Series PLCs
  • 5 programming languages (instruction list, ladder diagram, function block diagram, sequential function chart, structured text)
  • Well structured navigator provides effective overview of programming organizaton units (POUs), tasks, system registers, etc., simplifying project management
  • Reuse of ready made functions and function blocks saves time for programming and debugging
  • Programming, service, monitoring and diagnostics via RS232 (COM), Modem, Ethernet, USB
  • Forced ON/OFF of input and output contacts via the PC
  • Extensive comments - online documentation created hand in hand with the program
  • The name of variables, functions, function blocks and comments can be written in all languages thanks to Unicode
  • Improved programming comfort: snap function, automatic placement of newly inserted elements, existing connection retained while moving elements
  • Keyboard-control mode can accelerate programming
  • 8 languages are supported: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese
  • Real-time clock on the PLC can be set in the Software
  • All IEC functions support the FP7
  • New communication and pointer functions
  • New family of overloaded and type-safe instructions for 32-bit type PLCs (FP7) and 16-bit type PLCs
  • SD card instructions

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: Panasonic_PLC_Programming
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Siemens Logo TDE Text Display

(1 customer review)
Port TypeRJ45
Type of CommunicationEthernet
Usage/ApplicationText Display
Mounting TypePanel Mount
Display SizeLogo TDE
Model Name/NumberSiemens LOGO TDE Text Display

LOGO! TDE - Text Display:
6ED1055-4MH08-0BA0, 6ED10554MH080BA0:

The external text display LOGO! TDE provides an affordable interface for machine operators.Parameter adjustments and troubleshooting are easily handled using the LOGO! TDE with built-in operator functions and diagnostics.
  • LOGO! TDE for LOGO! 8
  • LOGO! TDE (usable with LOGO! 8) with two Ethernet interfaces to connect simultaneously to LOGO! basic modules and PC/PG
  • Improved display with 6 lines and 20 characters per line for messages in plain text
  • Using ticker text function one line can show up to 40 characters
  • selectable white, orange, and red backlighting for optical
  • emphasis, etc.
  • Via Ethernet a LOGO! TDE can show messages or parameters from several LOGO! modules one after the other
  • Password protection for changing between operator mode and administrator mode
  • LOGO! TDE has also access to the application program of the LOGO! in administrator mode
  • (i.e you can program from the TDE directly).
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Allen Bradley hmi Panelview Plus 6

(1 customer review)
BrandAllen Bradley
Port TypeModbus and Ethernet
For Use WithPLC
Type of CommunicationModbus and Ethernet
Display SizeAll
Model Name/NumberAllen Bradley PanelView Component Graphic Terminals

Allen Bradley PanelView Component Graphic Terminals: These graphic terminals are designed with the same functionality and better performance of higher processor speed, higher memory and better display color and resolutions, which provide an ideal replacement to support most PanelView Component applications.

  • 2711C-F2M,
  • 2711C-K2M,
  • 2711C-T3M,
  • 2711C-K3M,
  • 2711C-T4T,
  • 2711C-T6M,
  • 2711C-T6T,
  • 2711C-T10C,
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Siemens Simatic Comfort Panel HMI

(1 customer review)
Port TypeEthernet
Display Size4" to 22" HMI
Model Name/NumberSiemens Comfort Panel
BrandSiemens HMI
Power (Wattage)500 - 1000 W
Type of CommunicationEthernet

SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels are designed for implementation of high-performance visualization applications on the machine-level. High performance, functionality and numerous integrated interfaces offer the greatest convenience in high-end applications.

SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels Standard devices form the technological basis for specialised variants like IP65 protected devices, panels with a stainless steel front, or for outdoor applications as well as coated versions.

Siemens Comfort Panels:

  • KTP400 Comfort,
  • KP400 Comfort,
  • TP700 Comfort,
  • KP700 Comfort,
  • TP900 Comfort,
  • KP900 Comfort,
  • TP1200 Comfort,
  • KP1200 Comfort,
  • TP1500 Comfort,
  • KP1500 Comfort,
  • TP1900 Comfort,
  • TP2200 Comfort,



Article No.


  • 6AV2124-2DC01-0AX0 : 6AV21242DC010AX0 - 4" Touch + Key,
  • 6AV2124-1DC01-0AX0 : 6AV21241DC010AX0 - 4" Key,
  • 6AV2124-0GC01-0AX0 : 6AV21240GC010AX0 - 7" Touch + Key,
  • 6AV2124-1GC01-0AX0 : 6AV21241GC010AX0 - 7" Key,
  • 6AV2124-0JC01-0AX0 : 6AV21240JC010AX0 - 9" Touch,
  • 6AV2124-1JC01-0AX0 : 6AV21241JC010AX0 - 9" Key,
  • 6AV2124-0MC01-0AX0 : 6AV21240MC010AX0 - 12" Touch,
  • 6AV2124-1MC01-0AX0 : 6AV21241MC010AX0 - 12" Key,
  • 6AV2124-0QC02-0AX1 : 6AV21240QC020AX1 - 15" Touch,
  • 6AV2124-1QC02-0AX1 : 6AV21241QC020AX1 - 15" Key,
  • 6AV2124-0UC02-0AX1 : 6AV21240UC020AX1 -19" Touch,
  • 6AV2124-0XC02-0AX1 : 6AV21240XC020AX1 - 22 " Touch,
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