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IPC Repair Services

We repair all leading brands like Invt, Siemens, ABB, Allen Bradley, Schneider, Telemecanique, Delta, Proface, Monitouch(Fuji), Hitachi, Messung, Mitsubishi, Fuji, L&T etc. These services are accomplished under the leadership of proficient experts who have rich Automation industry practice. Highly appreciated for their promptness, reliability and on-time execution, these are highly demanded in different sectors. Clients can avail these services from us at market leading prices.

INVT Products Range:


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Brand INVT
Model Name/Number GD200A Series
Motor Power 0.75 kW to 500 kW
Input Voltage 415 V
Input Phase 3 - Phase
Input Frequency 47 to 63 Hz
Warranty 1 Year

INVT GD200A Series- General purpose vector control. Applicable for air compressor, plastic, extruder, fan pump, AHU.

Models and Ratings:

  • GD200A-0R75G-4 : 0.75KW,
  • GD200A-1R5G-4 : 1.5KW,
  • GD200A-2R2G-4 : 2.2KW,
  • GD200A-004G/5R5P-4 : 4/5.5KW,
  • GD200A-5R5G/7R5P-4 : 5.5/7.5KW,
  • GD200A-7R5G/011P-4 : 7.5/11KW,
  • GD200A-011G/015P-4 : 11/15'KW,
  • GD200A-015G/018P-4 : 15/18.5KW,
  • GD200A-018G/022P-4 : 18.5/22KW,
  • GD200A-022G/030P-4 : 22/30KW,
  • GD200A-030G/037P-4 : 30/37KW,
  • GD200A-037G/045P-4 : 37/45KW,
  • GD200A-045G/055P-4 : 45/55KW,
  • GD200A-055G/075P-4 : 55/75KW,
  • GD200A-075G/090P-4 : 75/90KW,
  • GD200A-090G/110P-4 : 90/110KW,
  • GD200A-110G/132P-4 : 110/132KW,
  • GD200A-132G/160P-4 : 132/160KW,
  • GD200A-160G/200P-4 : 160/200KW,
  • GD200A-200G/220P-4 : 200/220KW,
  • GD200A-220G/250P-4 : 220/250KW,
  • GD200A-250G/280P-4 : 250/280KW,
  • GD200A-280G/315P-4 : 280/315KW,
  • GD200A-315G/350P-4 : 315/350KW,
  • GD200A-350G/400P-4 : 350/400KW,
  • GD200A-400G-4 400 : 400KW,
  • GD200A-500G-4 500 : 500KW,
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Brand INVT
Model Name/Number GD20 Series
Motor Power 0.4 kW to 18.5 kW
Input Voltage 415 V
Input Phase 3 - Phase
Input Frequency 50-60 Hz
Warranty 1 Year

INVT GD20 Series- Mini vector control drive. Applicable for printing and packaging, textile, tread mill, plastic machinery

Models and Ratings:

  • GD20-0R4G-S2 : 0.4KW Single Phase,
  • GD20-0R7G-S2 : 0.75KW Single Phase,
  • GD20-1R5G-S2 : 1.5KW Single Phase,
  • GD20-2R2G-S2 : 2.2KW Single Phase,
  • GD20-0R7G-4 : 0.75KW Three Phase,
  • GD20-1R5G-4 : 1.5KW Three Phase,
  • GD20-2R2G-4 : 2.2KW Three Phase,
  • GD20-004G-4 : 4KW Three Phase,
  • GD20-5R5G-4 : 5.5KW Three Phase,
  • GD20-7R5G-4 : 7.5KW Three Phase,
  • GD20-011G-4 : 11KW Three Phase,
  • GD20-015G-4 : 15KW Three Phase,
  • GD20-018G-4 : 18.5KW Three Phase,
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GD350 IP55 High-performance Drives

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GD350 IP55 is a high-performance and multipurpose VFD. The IP55 protection rating provides the best protection experience for most hash outdoor.

GD350 IP55 also incorporates features such as ease of use, excellent performance, high scalability and wide usage. At the same time, an integrated AC switch also provides convenience and security for machine control and debugging. It widely used in aquaculture farm, water treatment, fan, etc.

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Brand INVT
Model Name/Number GD10 Series
Motor Power 0.2 kW to 0.75 kW
Input Voltage 230 V
Input Phase 1-Phase and 3-Phase
Warranty 1 Year
Application Packing,Food,Textile,Centrifugal Machinery,Carving Machinery,And Wire Cutting

INVT GD10 Series- mini economic drive. Applicable for packaging, conveyor, textile machinery

Models and Ratings:

  • GD10-0R2G-S2-B : 0.2KW Single Phase,
  • GD10-0R4G-S2-B : 0.4KW Single Phase,
  • GD10-0R7G-S2-B : 0.75KW Single Phase,
  • GD10-1R5G-S2-B : 1.5KW Single Phase,
  • GD10-2R2G-S2-B : 2.2KW Single Phase,
  • GD10-0R7G-4-B  : 0.75KW Three Phase,
  • GD10-1R5G-4-B  : 1.5KW Three Phase,
  • GD10-2R2G-4-B  : 2.2KW Three Phase,
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Invt CHF100 AC Drives

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Model NO. CHF100A-022G/030P-4
Nature of DC Power Voltage Variable-Frequency Drive
Brand Invt
Rated Power 22/30kw
Rated Output Current 45/60 a
Output Frequency 0~400Hz
Protocol Modbus-RTU
Simply PLC Function Available
Link of Transformation AC-DC-AC Variable-Frequency Drive
Function Simple Type
Input Voltage 3phase 380V
Rated Input Current 46/62 a
Output Voltage 0~Rated Input Voltage
Communication RS485
Pid Function Available
Origin China

High Performance General Purpose Inverter Industrial VF Control, Invt Inverter Chf100

Brief Introduction CHF100A series high performance universal inverter is the enhanced edition of CHF series, which is combined the advantage of CHF100 & CHE100. It adopts the DSP control system supplies sensorless vector control and V/f control. The performance is more perfect and stable. It is widely applied in Pump & Fan and some applications with high speed control accuracy, rapid torque response and high performance at low frequency. Features Three control modes: Without PG vector (SVC); V/F control; And torque control. Starting torque: Without PG vector control: 0.5Hz/150% (SVC); 18.5kW-90kW inverter built-in DC reactor to improve input power factor and increaseoverall efficiency and stability; Internal brake unit with every specification 0.75-15kW, so that the braking resister can be connected directlyfor a quick stop; 16-steps simple PLC, multi-speed control, and PID control; Supporting multi-frequency installation methods: Digital setup, analog quantity setup, PID setup, and communication setup; Supports starting and stopping DC brake; The input and output terminals may be freely programmed, so users may combine a variety of operating modes as needed; Equipped with jump frequency control which prevents mechanical resonance and makes the system more stable and reliable; Equipped with instantaneous power failure non-outage capability; Equipped with sleep-wake delay installation capability; Equipped with over-torque detection; Variety of maximum frequency setting source options; Equipped with a bidirectional shift key, which enables users to use the shift key to view real-time parameters; Rotation speed tracking re-start function: Allowing rotating machinery to be started smoothly and without any shocks; QUICK/JOG function: Users can freely define multi-functional shortcut keys, and by setting up these parameters users can quickly browse different function codes of modified which are different from default values; Equipped with automatic voltage adjustment function, which can effectively resolve problems with high-power motors low-frequency vibrations; Equipped with vibration suppression; Offering a variety of fault protection functions: Over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature, phase-failure, overload, etc; Low voltage inverter. Specifications Applications Belt-type conveyors, hoists, winches, emulsion pumps, electric submersible pumps, mining fans, water pumps, etc. Solution CHF100A series inverter used on the centre air conditioner The difference of effluent temperature and backwater temperature of the water-cycling system in the central air-conditioning indicates the heat exchanger of the whole system needed, so, we can control the low of water-cycling to control the heat exchange speed based on the difference, it is the first choice control mode for energy saving.
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GD350-19 VFD

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GD350-19 series VFD is a new generation of VFD that INVT develops for cranes by using advanced control technologies based on more than ten-year accumulative crane-industry experience.

The VFD has integrated rich lifting industry delicated control functions and STO fucntions, and can be widely applied to various cranes in different fields such as ports, factories, construction sites, and mining, with excellent control performance, comprehensive safety protection functions, and flexible expansion capability. Power range: AC 380V (-15%)–440V (+10%) 1.5–500kW AC 520V (-15%)–690V (+10%) 22–630kW
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GD300-21 VFD

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INVT control system for air compressor dual-inverter integrated machine is the flagship product of INVT.

It can realize dual inverter integrated control of the air compressor. This system solution is a perfect substitute for air compressor electrical cabinet but added with various additional powerful functions.
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GD350-07 VFD

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GD35 has high closed-loop control performance,a simple servo function, control accuracy and other features.

Suitable for industries such as machine tools, textile machinery, packaging machinery, paper making, tension control, and other industrial applications that require high performance closed loop vector control.
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INVT GD300 Series AC Drives

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Brand INVT
Model Name/Number GD300 Series
Motor Power 4 kW to 18.5 kW
Input Voltage 415 V
Input Phase 3 - Phase
Application Elevator and Lift VFD
Function High Torque
Warranty 1 Year

INVT GD300: INVTGD300L/GD300-18- Special Elevator VFD,

Models and Ratings:

  • GD300-18-004G-4 - 4kw,
  • GD300-18-5R5G-4 - 5.5kw,
  • GD300-18-7R5G-4 - 7.5kw,
  • GD300L-18-011G-4 - 11kw,
  • GD300L-18-015G-4 - 15kw,
  • GD300L-18-018G-4 - 18.5kw
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Model Name/Number IVC1
Warranty 1year standard
Input Voltage AC and DC
Input Phase 19-30VDC
Brand INVT

INVT IVC1 PLC is a micro high performance PLC with compact structure and powerful function.

  • MAX. IO points: 128
  • Standard 3 isolated serial ports:1 RS232/2 RS485
  • Support 6 high speed pulse input
  • Support 3x100kHz high speed pulse output
  • Program capacity: 16K steps
  • Program power-off permanent storage
  • Equipped with rechargeable lithium battery, real-time clock saved for 3 years.
  • Max. 7 extension module
  • The main module is divided into two kinds: DC power supply(19-30VDC)and AC power supply(85-264VAC)
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VS Series HMI

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VS series HMIs provide powerful performance, rich display, easy configuration, and large storage capacity, implementing human and machine interaction in various industrial automation fields through simplified human-machine interfaces.

DA200 High Performance Servo Drives

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Voltage 220v
Brand INVT
Speed 3000rpm
Power 750 watt
Usage/Application applications requiring precise position control
Motor Type AC

We are one of the suppliers for AC Servo Motors in India, based in Mumbai. We supply Globally.

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